Friday, January 1, 2010

your true opinion

Abortion is a topic that has people in the United States split in half. this is so because of the clashing of opinions on what is based to be "correct". Some people feel that abortion goes against the bible and that it's a from of murder. While others think that abortion is necessary at times and that it can be justified by economic situations. this is a debate that has come from the past all the way to the present because it is still a very controversial issue. i think this has remained this way because people refuse to be open about things that affect our lives, I'm not saying its OK to kill an innocent human being but there are things like the economic stability and the ability to care for the child have to come into consideration. Once you have a child it's your responsibility to provide for him or her, the government is not going to give you all the means for taking care of your baby. That's why i feel that abortion is truly your choice and that you have to have true reason to feel that an abortion is necessary.

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  1. I think more people need to talk about this and maybe there wouln't be so much contreversy on this issue that is very relevant to women in the U.S.