Sunday, December 13, 2009


The issue that i chose to blog about is abortion. i chose this issue because it is an issue that people have alot say about but its not really spoken about out loud. people usually associate an abortion with such a negative view but when you really look at it it's not. i say this because people do abortion fro many different reasons. the only reason that i dont agree an abortion should be done if the woman considers her baby a mistake.

I think that an abortion can only be justified by a good reason. some of these reasons include not being financially stable, your child being a mistake does not count because a child is never a mistake. a woman knows that are many alternatives of protection to prevent pregnancy so they should use it. but i also know that some women are not able to get their hands on the resources that help prevent pregnancy.

An abortion should be done inorder to prevent children from being bought in to a world of suffering and pain.instead of this they should be put laid to rest. there are enough children on this world that are going through things the shouldnt be going through. an example of this is the children that are in third world countries that are shown on televsion and are asking for poeple like us to donate money inorder to help them. i find watching this childrens faces heartbreaking and i rather them not be born at all than having to suffer the way they do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The title of my blog is Abortion Is your choice and that's exactly what i mean. A woman should be able to decide whether she wants to conceive the child she is carrying. No one ever thinks about how that by certain circumstances children are being brung into the world to suffer. That is something i feel that is not right. Abortions should be a choice a woman makes not the Government!!