Friday, January 1, 2010

Roe vs Wade

This issue of abortion became known on a large scale basis by people when the court case Roe vs Wade which established the right for women to able to decide what is right for herself even if that meant having an abortion. This court case lead the way for how controversial the idea of abortion is. I think this happened because abortion was a topic that was kept behind closed doors and this helped people face that this is something that needs to acknowledged. The thinking of whether a woman can be viewed as a murderer because of the fact that they are choosing to kill something that is alive even though a child is not considered alive until it takes it's first breath has given this topic a very bad overview. Many people have mixed opinions but i feel that abortion should be done in the best interest of the child because a woman has to think about how to take care of a child and if they can economically,mentally and physically.

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  1. Roe vs Wade led the path for how abortion has been a topic that has been talked behind closed doors and not in the open and this court case shot the spotlight on this debatable issue.